Recruitment of foreign mystery shoppers

Do you love Fukuoka?

Do you love food?

Do you love Fukuoka’s restaurants?

If everything is yes, here is your place.

We are now doing the Foreign Mystery Shopper service.

Let’s make Fukuoka restaurants better together!

Recruitment of foreign mystery shoppers

We want to improve the service of Fukuoka’s restaurants and want foreign visitors to enjoy Fukuoka’s food to the fullest!

However, Japanese restaurants have had an issue that they cannot do good service to foreign customers because of the language barrier and do not know foreigner needs.

Now that foreign visitors are increasing, they want your honest perspective as a foreigner.

So your honest opinion is actually valuable here!

What you do

What you do is just easy.

①Apply from “Foreign Mystery Shopper Participant Application Form“.

②We will contact you soon.

③Having a meeting to explain the service.

④Go to the restaurant we selected.

⑤After the meal, fill out the restaurant evaluation sheet.

⑥Pay back the restaurant fee.(※Please don’t forget the receipt.)


Actually that’s all.

The condition is if you have a mind to make the restaurants better.

(*Please note that depending on circumstances, we may not be able to offer the work.)

If you are interested in,  please apply from below.

Foreign Mystery Shopper Participant Application Form

What you get

What you get are just 2 things!

・You will get a free meal!

・You will get good community of foreigners and us!


If you have some questions, please feel free to contact us!

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Foreign Mystery Shopper Participant Application Form