Drone Baby Steps

So we (IW-inc.) bought a drone. But we barely use it. That is sad. Very sad. We bought the drone over three months ago. It was meant for a movie project. Which ended up getting cancelled. Very sad. So now we have drone we almost never use. Which is a waste. So this week I decided to take it with us. We went to more rural areas. Because we wanted to collect material for the next issue of Yoka Map. I thought it would be nice to have some drone shots as well. But then I realized: Flying a drone is difficult. Operating in Japanese is even more. I still can’t read most of the Kanji. Fuck. I can only do simple things. I tried to operate with my own phone (German). But my phone is too old. It gets too hot too fast. Feels very bad. BUT! It was still fun. I managed to get some cool shots. And I learned how to rotate the camera (wow!). I will practise more! (And I am going to buy a new phone sometime this year)


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