A Pleasant Surprise

Sometimes these days I miss speaking German. Since I live in Japan and (almost) all my friends here communicate either in Japanese or in English, as well as me also consuming mainly English media, the times I get to hear or even speak my mother tongue have become rather rare. And since I also rarely get to talk to some of my older German friends due to distance and time gap I slowly recognized that my German level was rapidly decreasing. 

So I sat down with Felix, one of above mentioned old friends of mine and we decided to start a podcast, so we have one day per month where we just talk about some “interesting” stories out of our daily life. It is great fun.

Our first episode was not quite yet ready for publishing thought, so we decided to just skip publishing that and start with our second attempt instead. After overcoming the hurdle of putting together an intro jingle with our mutual friend Robin, who was a fellow student of ours, episode one of “Das Lauchboot” was ready to be released to the public. 

I will be honest, we kind of expected that almost no one would listen our podcast, which we were totally fine with. After all it is podcast on which we talk about daily things. Subjects are neighbours, guys in creepy cars, student stories and so on and so on. We set our goal to 15 people, well Felix did, mine was even lower (10). 

After all it is still in german, has no specific topic and I wasn’t even sure if the stories we talk about are even interesting enough for our friends to listen. 

But the response was actually great! After only 2 days our first episode had reached over 200 views! Which is absolutely amazing! I still can’t really believe that so many people would listen to it (or at least attempt to). It almost feels surreal, sure if you would have told me 50 or so people would have clicked it my response would be something along the line of: “Wow, that’s super great, let’s try even harder on our second episode!”

But now it feels more likely to me that something in the system went wrong or that for some reason a lot of people accidentally clicked on it. 

Maybe I see things a little to grim, so thanks everybody who listened to our first episode and if you haven’t yet, make sure to give it a try! You can find our podcast on Spotify under “Das Lauchbot” (Disclaimer: If it wasn’t obvious enough, the podcast is in German).

I am looking very much forward to recording the second episode and hope that as many people will listen and enjoy it! Maybe this is just what happens if you overcome your inner demons and put yourself and your content out there. Anyways it was a very pleasant surprise!


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