Mind the Gap

Hello everybody, brace yourself because this entry is going to be a short one. Today I want to share an interesting website I stumbled upon during Obon. The website is called https://www.gapminder.org/ and offers an impressive statistic tool to showcase the “Gap” between the countries of the world. I found the way the data is displayed and the sheer amount of possibilities to mix and view them as mind blowing. In fact, I can’t think of a diagram or chart which impressed me as much as this one. And I am not even considering the many data points which are the actual content of the website. 

Here are just some data points you can play around with and set them in correlation to each other: Working hours per week, Income, unemployment, growth, environmental impact, birth rate, child mortality, etc., etc.

Before I send you off let me just advise you to take the displayed statistics with a huge grain of salt (as it is also advised on the website itself). Other than that have fun and maybe you learn the one or other thing about our world!


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